Benefits of Membership:

Professional Networking

The Sports financial advisors association provides it members the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals from around the world. Regardless of your professional designation, your profession or your industry, the SFAA’s members expand beyond Financial Advisors to those that provide Financial Advice.

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Attorneys
  • CPA’s
  • Financial Advisors
  • Franchise Consultants
  • Business Development Coaches
  • Venture Capital and Angel Investments

As an SFAA member you have the INTERNATIONAL resources available to you as members are collaborative in their efforts to help Advisors, Athletes and their families in making critical financial decisions.

Professional Resources

The SFAA is working to further develop the resources for Athletes through our membership. Our goal is to be available to all athletes at all stages of their careers to handle most any situation that occurs. If our members don’t have the answer, we are committed to helping Athletes FIND the answer.

  • Transition from High School to Collegiate to Pro
  • Transition out of the game
  • Student Athlete Education
  • Collegiate Athlete Education
  • Internships
  • Relocation issues
  • Post Career Issues

Education and Planning

The SFAA continues to support Athlete Education programs while working to develop an SFAA branded education program that will be exclusive to our members. Our members will receive the certification training to be the only advisors able to facilitate the education programs. The SFAA is also working with outside groups to expand and develop online application based learning programs open to any student athlete.

  • Curriculum Development
  • Support
  • Parent Education
  • Checklists and Warnings

Mission and Motto

The SFAA is the Non-Profit organization for the Education and Networking resources for Advisors working in Professional Sports. The SFAA’s goal is to further the Education of student, professional and retired athletes in order to create an environment that fosters better financial decisions as well as development of a post career plan for all athletes.

Established in 2004, Sports Financial Advisors Association is an organization for the education and promotion of financial advisors dedicated to working with professionals in the sports arena. As the only non-profit organization of its kind – all sports, all financial – we serve an ever-growing population of active and retired professional athletes and their families.

The organization was created to promote a network of licensed financial professionals that will bring its years of collective educate professional athletes, coaches, players associations, and athletic organizations.

“On many levels, sports professionals have unique financial needs beginning with careers that can place them in a position of great wealth,” commented co-founder Femi Shote.

“However,” he added, “there is a long list of challenges that can change that status almost immediately including short careers, financial mismanagement and fraudulent investments. The SFAA seeks to attract members who are licensed specialists in their respective financial fields and are dedicated to serving and understanding the unique needs of sports professionals.”

Our Vision

Our vision is to reverse the trend of athletes making fatal financial decisions by cultivating financial literacy as a life skill for student-athletes, active and retired professionals and their families. Further, we believe that each person in the life of a professional athlete is uniquely accountable for helping the athlete develop and practice financial literacy as a life skill.

We believe that Athletes that are financially successful will, by their philanthropic nature, be assets to the community and be able to give back to society. It is our responsibility as those that support the athletes during their success to equally support them after their careers are completed. It is our responsibility to help them during their careers to support and prepare the post career planning.

The SFAA is built on three tenants of services that are necessary for the success for any advisor or athlete or former athlete.

In association with the Sports Financial Advisors Association
The Just One Project is proud to announce the creation of a
Financial Literacy Program for Student Athletes

Hi, This is Brandon Lloyd. I played Professional Football for over 10 years.

During my career I played across he nation for different teams, I lived in different cities and was never home for more than 6 months. I was either Traveling with the team, at Training Camp, or working on Pre Season Training. Although there was lots of change during my career, I had one constant and that was my Financial Business Manager. Jonathan Miller is a founder and the current president of the SFAA and has been my advisor for over 10 years
I believe in the SFAA’s vision to educate Athletes and their advisors. As a Member of the SFAA, Jonathan was able to develop the resources necessary to help me during my career and also help with my Post Career Planning.

Please JOIN and Support the SFAA in its continued efforts to assist financial advisors to atheletes as well as its goal to build financial literacy programs for Student and Professional Athletes.

I support them and so should you.


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