Our vision is to reverse the trend of athletes making fatal financial decisions by cultivating financial literacy as a life skill for student-athletes, active and retired professionals and their families

How will you be part of the solution?

Councils comprise our core operating system – they are the means by which we actualize our vision. Look at the councils and their objectives below to decide where you fit in.
Reach and engage our members and audience with a virtual presence on our website, on our social media platforms, or live at our annual conference.
If you want to be part of the solution but don’t have the time or energy to be an active participant in the campaign, make a donation to help underwrite the cost of the Financial Literacy campaign.
Work sessions and educational seminars for council members; expert speakers and special presentations for student and professional athletes and their friends and family members; exclusive coverage for our journalist partners.

Hi, This is Brandon Lloyd. I played Professional Football for over 10 years.

During my career I played across he nation for different teams, I lived in different cities and was never home for more than 6 months.
I was either Traveling with the team, at Training Camp, or working on Pre Season Training. Although there was lots of change during my career, I had one constant and that was my Financial Business Manager.

Jonathan Miller is a founder and the current president of the SFAA and has been my advisor for over 10 years
I believe in the SFAA’s vision to educate Athletes and their advisors. As a Member of the SFAA, Jonathan was able to develop the resources necessary to help me during my career and also help with my Post Career Planning.

Please JOIN and Support the SFAA in its continued efforts to assist financial advisors to atheletes as well as its goal to build financial literacy programs for Student and Professional Athletes.

I support them and so should you.

Outside the Game: Brandon Lloyd is leading the charge for financial literacy

Robert Raiola was featured on Bloomberg TV on January, 23, 2015.

Legality of taxing visiting teams’ players–the jock tax–under fire in Ohio. @SportsTaxMan explains on @BloombergTV:

Super Bowl XLIX: Top teams play with fire – The Denver Post

PHOENIX — Gillette Stadium windows face the parking lot, framed in tight squares that appear like bars from a distance. The optical illusion strengthens the perception that the New England Patriots are a fortress. Nobody draws the blinds like the Patriots. They rule through secrecy, intelligence and well-earned arrogance. Cheating stains their legacy, Spygate in 2007 and the NFL’s ongoing investigation into Deflategate. While the methods create questions, the résumé does not. While coached by Bill Belichick, the Patriots have mastered a […]

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    Super Bowl hating: Much more to dislike than just Belichick – Fox News

Super Bowl hating: Much more to dislike than just Belichick – Fox News

By John Halpin Published January 30, 2015 If fans look hard enough, they can find reasons to root against Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick, (l.), or the Seahawks, who are coached by Pete Carroll. Over the last week or so, many football fans have decided to hate the New England Patriots – specifically Spygate-tainted head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady – even more than usual. If the Patriots indeed violated the rule that’s sparked “Deflategate,” […]

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    Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl XLIX Scouting Report: And the winner will be… – Tampabay.com

Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl XLIX Scouting Report: And the winner will be… – Tampabay.com

Does it feel like you’ve eaten McDonald’s every day for the past two weeks? Super Bowl XLIX’s all about Patriots1 Week Ago NFC: Seahawks return to Super Bowl, top Packers in OT1 Week Ago AFC: Patriots rout Colts for title, head to eighth Super Bowl1 Week Ago Super Bowl Sunday — finally, mercifully — is almost here. When the Patriots and Seahawks won their conference championships a State of the Union address ago, the table was […]

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How to Stop Marshawn Lynch – Bleacher Report

Marshawn Lynch is coming.  He’s aiming straight for the heart of the Patriots defense. He’s charging with full force, and the Patriots can’t hold a mid-game press conference to slow him down. Lynch won’t be stopped by interviews, warnings or fines—only brute force. Lynch is coming, but if the Patriots can stop him, they can stop the Seahawks offense. Everything the Seahawks do—the Russell Wilson options, the quick screens to receivers, the rollouts, the play-action shots downfield—starts with Lynch. The Seahawks want 2nd-and-5, […]

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Milos Raonic eliminated from Australian Open by Novak Djokovic – CBC.ca

Canadian Milos Raonic lost a chance to play a second Grand Slam semifinal after losing 7-6 (5), 6-4, 6-2 to Novak Djokovic on Wednesday at the Australian Open. The eighth seed, from Thornhill, Ont., was beaten by the top seed and world No. 1 for the fifth time in their career series. Djokovic beat the 24-year-old Raonic three times in 2014, including in a French Open quarter-final. Australian Open: Men’s results Australian Open: Women’s results Raonic, the 2014 Wimbledon semifinalist, ended with a modest 14 aces in the match that lasted two hours. Raonic, […]

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    Imagining the NFL Without Bill Belichick – Bleacher Report

Imagining the NFL Without Bill Belichick – Bleacher Report

“Look Billy! (Hears fizzy squeaking sound…) Commissioner says every time a ball leaks, a Patriot gets his wins.” What would be the NFL equivalent of Zuzu’s Petals? TomTom’s UGGs? And is the ball guy in New England named Clarence? Moreover, what would the NFL look like if Bill Belichick wasn’t around? How different would the last 15 years of football look if not for the contemptuous grouch in the cutoff sweatshirt? What if Belichick wins the Super Bowl, looks at all the hundreds […]

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